About Us

Welcome to “Your Home”


“Your Home” is a residential care facility for the elderly specially designed to create an atmosphere which you or your loved ones would enjoy at home. Our goal is to provide a secure, healthy and caring environment for our residents. We are committed to the dignity of the individual where their physical, emotional, and social needs are met.
Set along the coast, just one block from the senior friendly Shoreline Park, with stunning ocean views and Leadbetter Beach, Your Home offers a unique atmosphere of the Santa Barbara coastal lifestyle. The beautiful Mesa home is set within a nicely landscaped yard with a large comfortable deck and sustainable vegetable garden.

“Your Home” provides for its residents the following optional services:
* Hair dressing services
* Cosmetology
* Manicure and pedicure
* Dry clean
* Physical therapy
* Occupational therapy
* Speech and hearing therapy
* Therapeutic massage

At “Your Home” we offer the extra amenities that make our resident feel at home. If that means arranging for a special service, or accommodating a unique need, we are happy to do it. The following service and amenities are available for all our residents:
* Lodging in private or shared rooms
* 24-hour staff
* Three homemade nutritious meals daily, snacks and beverages
* Special diets if prescribed by a doctor
* Hygiene items of general use such as soap, TP, etc.
* Washing, drying, and ironing of personal clothing and fresh bed and bath linens weekly, or more often if needed
* Cleaning of resident’s rooms
* Comfortable suitable bed and bedroom furniture
* Planning, arranging, and providing for transportation to medical and dental appointments
* Planned activity program including arrangements for utilization of available community resources
* Continuous care and supervision, and observation for changes in physical, mental, emotional, and social functioning
* Assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, eating and continence transferring from bed to chair and other personal needs
* Assistance in meeting necessary medical and dental needs
* Assistance with taking prescribed and over-the-counter medications
* Bedside care and tray service when needed
* Protective supervision
* Unlimited smiles

Maximizing independence while maintaining safety is our commitment to the resident, the family, and the patient care team. “Your Home” staff is genuinely dedicated to our philosophy of personalized service and gracious living.